2018 Kitchen Design Trends
Sep 12, 2017 Featured, Kitchen

2018 Kitchen Design Trends

We all have one in our home, we all use them multiple times a day and simply can’t live without them— kitchens. Food is a part of every culture, so it’s no wonder why it’s considered the “heart of the home.” Modern culture extends the role of the kitchen from merely a space to cook in to a place where your family and friends come together to eat, to talk, to enjoy a cup of tea or to do homework. Sensory Six believe that your home should be your haven. Is your kitchen ready for an overhaul? Here’s what’s trending in Kitchen Design 2018:

Quartz is IN and Granite is OUT: Quartz is the number one product on the market right now with incredible finish options that require less upkeep than granite. The shimmering look is less dominant than other materials, making it timeless. 

Brass is BACK: If you want to keep it classy, opt for chrome and satin. Shiny brass is on trend right now in a big way. Will you embrace it?

Fewer Upper Cabinets: All white kitchens are so 2017. 2018 is all about additional natural light and showing off your dishware. Here at Sensory Six, we are LOVING this “less is more”, minimalist trend. Open shelving is replacing upper cabinetry as homeowners opt for an open, airy look. 

Undercounter Appliances: While upper cabinets disappear and more windows are introduced to your kitchen, appliances have shifted below the countertops. New microwave models now load from the top, rather than the front, for convenience. 

Big, Practical Stone Sinks: Porcelain sinks will always be a classic, but stone is where the trend is headed in 2018. While looks is important, the emphasis is on function. Large, single bowls contain splashed while also roomy enough for large pots and pans that require hand washing.

Boring Builder Grade Doors are OUT: As strong supporters of Feng Shui, we understand the importance of doors. The relationship between doors and windows defines the flow of energy, because the function of doors and windows is to channel light and energy. Make your kitchen a standout with amazing cabinet doors, pantry doors and entry doors.

Whether you need our team of experts to upgrade your historic home or would like us to take your project on from the start, we team with architects and contractors to create spaces that are places of inspiration. With our design that focuses on simplicity, comfort and luxury and our spotless project management, we love creating spaces that are perfect for you in both form and function that incorporates all things new and trending. Call us at 518.306.1099 today for a conversation about how we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams!




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