5 Wellness Trends Happening in Commercial Designs
Dec 5, 2018 Featured, Health and Wellness

5 Wellness Trends Happening in Commercial Designs

In today's modern world there is a big emphasis on wellness in every industry and in design, this is no different. Different aspects of design can affect our health in numerous ways including its abilities to lower our stress levels. But, it goes far beyond what colors we put on the walls or the fabric used in bedding or the texture of a carpet. Here at Sensory Six, we are always on the lookout for new ways to emphasize wellness in our designs. In fact, our name comes from the strong belief that living spaces should be in harmony with all our senses and create a total sensory experience.

Here are five wellness trends that are taking off right now:

Work It Out

Architects and designers are being tasked with creating office spaces that are functional yet flexible enough to support a framework for future wellness initiatives. At Sensory Six, our goal is to create a space that is perfect for you in both form and function. One way to improve lifestyles in an office space is with a fitness center and/or exercise room. Creating these common workout areas encourages employees to take care of themselves through exercise. An on-site gym is the gold standard, but companies are also embedding “workout moments” such as jump-rope stations, mileage tallies along circulation routes, and communal treadmill desks. Having these dedicated fitness spaces for employees increases the overall well-being and productivity of the employee.

Family-Friendly Facilities

Healthcare facilities are providing opportunities for patients to stay connected with family during treatment – waiting rooms take cues from residential family rooms and senior housing integrates into multi-age master plans. To support the connection between patients’ comfort and their therapeutic advances, forward-looking healthcare facilities are taking steps to imbue spaces with residential warmth. Borrowing from the "home away from home" aesthetic that has served the hospitality industry well, these facilities are now reducing environmental stressors—moving away from traditional clinical designs in favor of what is more familiar to patients. The ultimate goal is to create interiors that make patients feel as comfortable as possible while still providing an efficient care model.

Cooking Up Community

The kitchen is becoming the hub of the workplace, the destination wellness spa, and even hospice facilities designed so families of patients can cook favorite meals together. Taking design perhaps one step beyond residential warmth, healthcare facilities are increasingly attempting to personalize patient rooms—specifically for their individual inhabitants—as a means to further reduce patient anxiety and stress, while enhancing comfort and overall satisfaction. As for office spaces, forward-thinking employers are now recognizing how kitchens can fuel creativity, collaboration and workplace culture.

Outdoors, In

From terraces and rooftop gardens to picture windows and daylighting, access to nature certainly isn’t a new concept for healthcare. The next movement in hospitality is taking a step on the wellness side by bringing natural materials inside, such as wood paneling, stone décor, and fresh elements like water features and greenery. Today, we are seeing patient areas configured adjacent to windows, how living walls draw a biophilic touch, and greenery making a staple of the forward-thinking workplace. 

User’s Choice

Personal touches cultivate calm and empowerment. In the workplace, activity-based environments enable staffers to station themselves where they’ll be most productive. Activity settings might include impromptu meeting areas, formal meeting spaces, project rooms, individual work spaces or break areas that make up for the shortcomings of exclusively cellular or open-plan environments. These type of settings in a workplace can maximize space utilization, enhance the employee experience, and enable greater flexibility through a better workplace design.

Fostering well-being is a growing sector in the design industry. Sensory Six understands that commercial spaces should incorporate the highest level of function, aesthetics and wellness. Are you interested in making your workplace a space that promotes a stress free environment? We would love to work with you to create a well-living space that you not only love to spend time in but helps you relax and be productive. Contact us today at to set up a time to discuss how we can bring wellness into your office!






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