A Summer Home Away from Home
Sep 5, 2018 Featured, Design Build

A Summer Home Away from Home

You may not have a summer house – yet – but, that doesn't mean you can't dream about designing a future one. No matter who you are or where you live, it’s hard not to start thinking about those lazy lake days when the Summer months roll in. Here in Upstate, NY, Lake George and Saratoga Lake are everyone's favorite escape. This picture is of a beautiful Lake George summer home designed by our friends at the Phinney Design Group and decorated by Sensory Six. We understand your Summer home should focus on your needs and tastes. Sensory Six would LOVE to transform your vision into reality and help you create the perfect getaway for you and your family.

The process of designing a Summer home is like decorating a primary residence, though, there are a few things you can do to make your new home feel more like a grand getaway. Learn our best tips for designing a vacation home below:

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Location is Key

Vacations are supposed to be an immersive experience. Details such as the clothes you wear, the food you eat, and what you see in your surroundings all add together to give you the feeling you’re somehow removed form everyday life. Wherever your Summer home may be, your location should play a role in your interior design. For instance, beachy areas are a natural match for coastal styles, while mountainous places always do well with rustic looks. 

Most your time will be spent outdoors, especially in the Summer time. Take advantage of the gorgeous views by creating lots of outdoor hangout space so you can soak up the views.

Touches of Luxury


Sensory Six will bring an elegant, luxurious and simple style into your Summer space. We strongly believe that living spaces, especially vacation ones, should be in harmony with all our senses and create a total sensory experience. Who wouldn’t want their Summer home to feel like a grand escape?

We had the opportunity to design lighting for a lake house on Saratoga Lake, NY. By creating and installing edgy, color glass fixtures, we gave their home a distinctive “wow” factor. Super high ceilings not only look fab, but it means your lake house will have way more space to capture all the lake views around you. Our large glass fixtures that incorporated splashes of color brought nature inside. The finished project is lighting that delights the eye, showcases the space and reflects values of the owners of this beautiful lake home.

Stay Consistent

Paying special attention to consistency in your vacation home will help it feel more like a faraway resort. We like to use color as our secret weapon. It is a simple way to guarantee consistency and maintain your home’s aesthetic. Pick a color palette that can be used throughout the entire property. We try to rely on neutral shades and subtle hues that won’t seem overwhelming to the eye. It’s helpful to mirror similarities throughout the decorative elements of each room. Items don’t have to be identical, but they should mesh together well. Have a few decorative styles in mind? Pick one and stick to it. No matter whether your aesthetic falls more modern rustic or French country, having one decorative style will give you a set of guidelines to rely on.

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The chance to decorate a vacation home is a rare and exciting opportunity. While it follows the same fundamental process of primary home designs, there’s something special about knowing you have the chance to decorate your own great escape. At Sensory Six, we believe your Summer home should be your haven, both calming and serene. We will work with you to create a space that you and your family can’t wait to come back to time and time again.

Thinking about designing that picture-perfect getaway? Contact us at to learn how we can create you a Summer home that is complete in both form and function.







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