Cold Weather Remodel: Bathroom Addition
Jan 8, 2018 Featured, Bath

Cold Weather Remodel: Bathroom Addition

There’s no better way, or should we say, “room”, to beat winter’s chill after a long day of work than your bathroom. If you are someone who’s thinking about remodeling or just want to add a few extras in your bathroom to keep you warm this season, you’ve come to the right place to learn the ins and outs of bathroom remodeling during the cold, snowy months.

Before jumping into a complete bathroom remodel, it’s always helpful to do a little pre-planning. For instance, have each person that uses the bathroom create a list of priorities that they would like to be added or changed. From there, make a final list so all users are happy with the final product. 

Next step is deciding what bathroom to remodel – the master bedroom vs. the powder room. Most people prefer to remodel the master bath because it offers the most return on investment, whereas the powder room as an opportunity to splurge with decorative pieces. More and more home-owners are incorporating luxury pieces into their bathrooms. We have a few design ideas that will help you toward a warmer piece of mind.

Heated floors: Not only will these floors give your feet a little comfort after stepping out of the shower, but they will help you cut down on energy usage and your heating bill, especially if you install the hydronic variety. 

Towel Warming Rocks: To beat that out-of-the-shower chill, install a towel warming rack that will give you the luxury of warm towels right out of the shower. No more goosebumps or having to blast the heat to avoid post-shower chilly air.

Steam Shower: If you are someone who wants to bring the spa experience home with you, swap out your ordinary shower for a steam shower. They are a great way to defrost after a chilly dog walk and they have many added health benefits like improving circulation and decreasing stress. 

Soaking Tub: Soaking tubs have become more and more popular because of their comfort level and depth. They are made of materials like copper, brass, volcanic limestone and soapstone, all of which can retain heat. Watching the snow fall is a lot more pleasant when you’re doing it from a soaking tub!

Although choosing what luxury pieces to add will be the most exciting part of the planning process, remember these helpful tips as you further plan.

Marble is a popular material used in bathrooms, however, those natural materials are prone to staining overtime. A better alternative is the Kohler Choreograph collection and other natural stone replications or tiles, which are ideal for shower walls.

When multiple users use the same bathroom, cluttered countertops are inevitable. To maximize space, we recommend adding extra outlets (even inside cabinets), linen storage, small drawers, specialty dividers for cosmetics and jewelry, and medicine cabinets.

Is your bathroom located in the darkest spot of the house where no natural light gets in? No worries. Adding dimmer switches to your lights will help set the tone for a dim evening shower at night and a nice bright shower when you want to wake up in the morning.

Whether you need our team of experts to upgrade your current bathroom or would like Sensory Six to take your project on from the start, we team with architects and contractors to create spaces of tranquility. With our design that focuses on simplicity, comfort and luxury and our spotless project management, we love creating spaces that are perfect for you in both form and function that incorporates all things new and trending. Call us at 518.306.1099 today to have a conversation about how we can help create the ultimate bathroom in your home.



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