Countertops Trend Toward Nature Inspired Designs
Feb 5, 2018 Featured, Kitchen

Countertops Trend Toward Nature Inspired Designs

A new kitchen trend is here – natural countertops. The 2017 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends study concluded most homeowners want the warmth and elegance that stone provides, with 88% of participants citing marble as their top look of choice, though only 5% chose a marble countertop as it requires frequent sealing and upkeep. 

The Houzz study discovered that “look and feel” and “durability” were the top motivating factors for homeowners when choosing a countertop surface, far ahead of cost, which only 21% of homeowners said was their top motivator. This provides an opportunity to cash in on higher-end upgrades for builders.

(Wilsonart Quartz Countertop)

Along with an aesthetic appeal, the survey found that durability, 53%, easy cleaning and sanitizing, 38%, stain resistance, 25%, and scratch resistance, 14%, were some of the main considerations when choosing a countertop. According to Jared Becker, vice president of design and marketing at Walker Zanger, consumers are asking for materials that are both versatile and easy to maintain while still complementing their design aesthetic.

It’s the end of the granite era. Houzz discovered that 40% of homeowners renovating their kitchen chose quartz, or engineered stone, countertops, while the share of those who chose granite fell 4% from 2016 to 41%.

(Cambria Natural Quartz Surface)

Survey respondents said they preferred quartz for its durability, easy cleanup, and stain and scratch resistance. Summer Kath, senior vice president of business development and head of design for quartz manufacturer Cambria, says quartz also reduces the potential for bacterial growth from food, mold, or water absorption. The share of quartz countertops in kitchen continues to grow, despite having a higher price point. Both Cambria and Wilsonart offer quartz surfaces at about $85 per square foot, which is around the average cost of most marble and granite options.

Brooke Mays, a Wilsonart designer, says Laminate manufacturers are too offering stone-inspired designs, as well as a lower-cost alternative to quartz at about $33 per square foot installed. With today’s advanced printing technology, a natural look can be replicated on most materials to give homeowners both the aesthetic and performance they desire. Wilsonart offers numerous anti-microbial, stain- and scratch-resistant laminate countertop options in a variety of colors and designs, including natural stone and wood grain looks.

As more and more people look to make their space their own, natural stone countertops is a very important trend to recognize. At Sensory Six, we work with you to translate your vision into reality through a thorough assessment process that focuses on your needs and tastes. Our goal is to create a space that is perfect for you in both form and function.



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