Healthy Home, Healthy You
May 7, 2019 Featured, Health and Wellness

Healthy Home, Healthy You

When you think wellness, what comes to mind? Spa trips and detox treatments? Maybe fitness, skin care, and nutrition? Wellness is so much more than that! It’s also creating living spaces that focus on relaxation and mindfulness that nourish our body and soul. When you work with Sensory Six, we take a holistic approach with our designs, creating spaces that bring all your senses into harmony.

In recent years, wellness-centered design and architecture has been gaining more and more momentum. With 92% of your time spent indoors, it’s important your living and working space promotes healthiness and wellbeing. Our design-builds focus on enabling people to enjoy lives filled with energy through the use of organic furnishings and materials, natural light and pieces of nature indoors. 

The look, feel and ambience of a space can have a huge impact on the overall experience. The way a space is designed not only influences our mood, but also affects the activities we perform within to keep ourselves and our family healthy. It’s time we give your home a wellness makeover, Sensory Six style!

Bringing Nature Inside

Bringing nature indoors is an easy and effective stimulant to our overall wellbeing; it boosts our mood and improves the air quality. Fresh flowers are a super simple and easy way to bring vibrancy, color and life to any space. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they have a healing energy that naturally lifts our mood and relieves anxiety and stress. Indoor living plants are as beneficial to our health and well-being as they are aesthetically pleasing. Living walls, a growing trend in home interiors, instantly add natural color and texture to any room.

Find Your Zen Spot

Ready to create a zen space that is designed to improve your wellness? If you are someone with an active lifestyle, it’s important to balance your busy schedule with sufficient downtime. You don’t need to designate an entire room as your “zen spot”, it could be a small corner nook where there is ample natural light for you to read, write, and relax. The furniture, appliances and color palettes featured in these zen spaces should be carefully chosen in order to fulfill activities that achieve your desired physical and mental wellness.

Focus On Comfort & Wellbeing

 Photography: Randall Perry Photography | Architect: Phinney Design Group 

Textures not only improve the feeling of dimension, they can also be an important tool for boosting our wellbeing. Switching up textures based on the season will help alter your mood. For example, summer time calls for a cooling sensation using silk or linen, whereas Winter we look for more cozy and warm vibes with chunky knits and cashmere.

Brighten Up Your Home

 Photography: Randall Perry Photography

Pay attention to the colors you choose for your home. Colors can show off your personal taste and creativity, while also influencing your mood and wellbeing. Living spaces are now being designed with palettes that make people feel more positive, more productive or more relaxed. Some popular palettes include warm browns and grays with touches of deep, muted greens and blues. These shades help create harmony and a sense of calm in your home. They also are a great touch to spaces designed specifically for wellness and relaxation!

Interested in making your home a space that promotes positive wellbeing? We would love to work with you to create a living space that you not only love to spend time in, but helps you relax and be productive. For information on how we can bring wellness into your home, contact us at






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