How Millennials are Changing the Design of Dining – One “Instagrammable Moment” at a Time
Apr 27, 2018 Featured, Hospitality Businesses

How Millennials are Changing the Design of Dining – One “Instagrammable Moment” at a Time


How does your restaurant look on Instagram? Is it picture perfect? 

One of the main questions that has emerged around the need for restaurants is to make smarter use of their physical spaces. Yes, you can have a great concept and even a great space, but all the elements should blend together to form a great customer experience, and that includes ‘Instagrammable’ moments. Restaurants are actively catering to Millennials who are seeking the “Instagram worthy” photo just as important as the food itself.

Have you heard the expression “phone eats first?” As dining continues to evolve and with social media continuing on the rise, designers must think about the full user journey, which starts before a customer walks through the door and continues well after their visit. At Sensory Six, we believe restaurants should be in harmony with all of your diner’s senses to create a total sensory experience. This includes building a beautifully designed restaurant that will make consumers want to ‘double tap’ all of your Instagram posts.

Designing a restaurant comes down to two essential factors: 1. The need to have an element of simplicity and intuition and 2. Allowing opportunities for customization. Today’s consumer, specifically Millennials, have higher expectations but a greater willingness to try new things. It has become vital for restaurant owners and designers to create a space that is approachable, yet allows for a personalized experience. Here at Sensory Six, we design and build restaurant spaces that give your business a competitive edge through creating dining experiences that go further than great food and service, giving your customers a feeling of escape, comfort and indulgence.

With close to 9,000 followers on Instagram, Druthers Brewing Company attracts its social media audience through engaging photos of their mouth-watering beer and food items and their beautifully designed interior. Sensory Six is proud to have been a part of designing both of Druthers restaurants, Saratoga and Albany, and currently with their third location in Mohawk Harbor. Sandra commented on the space’s design saying, “When designing for Druthers it was all about designing for their brand and creating an interior space that is eclectic, interesting and inviting. We focused on creating a sensory experience in their spaces that is warm, casual and fun through the use of organic materials like wood, metals, warm colors and interesting lighting.” Below are a few of our favorite Instagram photos Druthers has been tagged in that really capture our love for this design project:


The Sensory Six Team loves working with restaurants to design a truly unique space that draws in the crowds. Our 21st Century Zen design approach performs well in the restaurant industry because it’s aspects appeal to all five senses. We believe that creating a total sensory experience is the key ingredient in restaurant success. We are excited about all the trends happening in the industry today and we would love to help you create those ‘Instagrammable’ moments in your restaurant!

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Pizzeria Sapienza – Sensory Six Project Photo

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