Influence of Technology on Restaurant Lighting Design
Jun 27, 2018 Featured, Lighting

Influence of Technology on Restaurant Lighting Design

There are lots of exciting new restaurants and renovations popping up all over Upstate New York, and Sensory Six is so excited to be involved with a number of them! Restaurant owners benefit by evolving as new design trends come about. This is especially true in crowded city and suburban markets like the Capital Region, where fresh design is an important differentiator. As consumer tastes change, restaurants that grow and update their space with current design trends will stand out to its potential diners. At Sensory Six, our restaurant designs are crafted and built to give your business a competitive edge. We strongly believe that the spaces we create should be in harmony with all one’s senses, thus creating a total sensory experience for the customer. By incorporating the highest level of function, aesthetics and wellness, Sensory Six crafts a total sensory experience while also complementing the overall brand of the restaurant.

In our fast-paced technology-driven world, it’s important for restaurants owners to incorporate the ever-changing trends of naturals elements, flexibility and choice, photogenic spaces, wood materials, and most importantly, lighting automation. At Sensory Six, we apply the best technology to provide restaurants with designs that are highly functional and contribute to health and wellness, meaning everything from selecting health-conscious materials to incorporating automation systems.

Restaurant lighting trends continue to change as remote controls options become available and new apps are developed that allow restaurants to excel in their lighting plans. With the influence of these technologies, lighting can now be easily controlled and scheduled by users. For instance, users can program a lighting menu that automatically takes the space from daytime to nighttime. Because of lighting smart controls, restaurants save time, staff does not need to turn lights on and off, adjust the dimming or make changes to the color of the restaurant space. We incorporate signature lighting in all our designs because we believe that lighting should bring both function and art to a space.

Another hot lighting trend? Custom art-inspired fixtures. By incorporating a one-of-a-kind piece that can’t be replicated into a restaurant design will leave the consumers with something to remember. As technology evolves, the more we will see in 2018 and the years to come; from warm, handcrafted art to outstanding, modern pieces.

How do you know what kind of lighting is right for your business? What lighting technology will you use in your space to make illuminating your area convenient? At Sensory Six, we’re here to help answer these questions and help you discover the perfect lighting for your restaurant. We find and sell unique, specially crafted, artistic lighting that simply does not exist anywhere else in the Capital Region. Let us help light your restaurant and give your consumers a total sensory experience.

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