Making the 70s Modern
Oct 24, 2018 Featured, Interior Design

Making the 70s Modern

Have you heard? What’s old is new again…

The 1970s were an interesting time for style and design, but the era is making a comeback! Today, you see modern day homes with velvet sofas, peacock chairs and even houseplants! If you want to jazz up your home, there has never been a better time to delve into the fascinating world of retro design. Pinterest has even named “Retro Interiors” and “1970s Furniture” as one of the fastest-growing UK trends. Check out the top 70s home upgrades that will change the way you view interior design forever.

Plant Hangers

Plant hangers were a hot commodity in the ‘70s, giving homeowners the opportunity to display all of their favorite flowers with ease. You can hang them from your ceiling, your awning, and even on your windowsill! If you want to go for 70s style, opt for a macramé plant holder and use neon accessories to really bring it to life.

Wall Hangings

If you want to turn your home into a scene from “That ‘70s Show”, consider hanging some fiber art on your walls. This will add plenty of warmth to your space and will also add a lot of texture to your otherwise stark walls.

Shag Rugs

Step your home up to the next level and liven up your living area with a shag rug… They were all the rage in the ‘70s! If you want something that really stands out from the crowd, use a geometric zig zag design when laying out your rugs. These come in a huge range of colors, from blue to purple and even neon green, so you can really customize your home without compromise!

Moroccan Poufs

Leather ottomans or Moroccan furniture were very popular back in the day. Not only did the pouf look great, but it was a versatile piece of furniture that could be put anywhere. 

Velvet Sofas

Like we mentioned, the ‘70s were all about texture. What’s better than having luxurious velvet and a fabric that is smoother than anything else you’ve ever felt before? If you want to give your home a fresh and crisp look then velvet is ideal!

While you might not be up for an all-out revival of brown walls, synthetic materials, rainbow motifs, wood-veneer fireplaces and orange everything, there are plenty subtle details from the tail end of the midcentury era that we’d love to incorporate into your home. At Sensory Six, our designs incorporate a sense of color, texture, lighting and art that will delight all your senses. Does a 1970s revival make you feel groovy? Contact us at and we will help you tap into your inner 1970s child.







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