Maximize your Outdoor Living… Before it’s Too Late!
Aug 15, 2018 Featured, Outdoor Spaces

Maximize your Outdoor Living… Before it’s Too Late!

The Summer months are slowly, but surely coming to end and soon we will have those chilly Fall nights in the Capital Region. Now is the time to grab that Summer bucket list and start checking things off! What’s the most important and most exciting item on the list? Transforming your backyard into a backyard oasis, of course! Here at Sensory Six, we love to design outdoor living spaces for our clients to enjoy all Summer long (Spring and Fall, as well)! An outdoor living space brings comfort from the inside of home to your yard. This extension of your living space can provide you and your family with additional square footage for relaxing, entertaining everyday living.

Many homeowners think that having outdoor amenities, like seating areas surrounding a fire pit, outdoor furniture and couches, flat screen TVs, or high-end kitchens, require acres of outdoor space. At Sensory Six, we beg to differ! Whether you have room for a welcoming courtyard, a narrow outdoor landing or a shady backyard spot, we have 10 easy ways to incorporate style, luxury and maximize the space of your “oasis”. 

Perimeter Seating

The most effective way to use any outdoor area is with perimeter seating. A modular sectional is a versatile piece of furniture that can be configured to a corner, putting every square inch of your outdoor living space to use.

Foot Traffic

Before you set up your outdoor space, consider the traffic pattern in and around the area. To ensure plenty of open space near the main entry, create a pathway that is at least four feet wide. This will give the appearance of a large open space while allowing guests to move freely within your space.


The appearance of spaciousness is just one of the many reasons to install outdoor lighting in your space. If you plan to spend a lot of your evenings socializing and dining outside, you should include outdoor lighting fixtures in your plans. Having lights installed in your posts, floors or overhead can do a lot in terms of ambiance, safety and security.

Natural Shade

Maximize your space by focusing on the natural shade sources in your backyard. Existing trees for overhangs are the perfect place to begin your space-panning. Any time you are setting up an outdoor space, make sure you consider shade sources to keep your spot cool.

Flexible Furniture

Before committing to an outdoor coffee table, consider investing in something that can serve multiple functions. Think foot stools that can be used as side table or extra seating and benches with added hidden storage. Maximizing your space is also about considering all the needs of the space. Find something that will be suitable for both a big outdoor bash or a quiet evening alone.

Vertical Space

No matter the size, any outdoor spot can be transformed into a functional living space or lounge. Narrow outdoor courtyards or tiny decks and patios lend themselves perfectly to taller seating options like slender handing chairs. Vertical gardens are the perfect way to add greenery and lushness without taking up additional space. 

Be Creative

When it comes to the design of your deck or patio, the sky’s the limit! Depending on your location and budget, you can practically have your outdoor space designed exactly the way you envision it. 

Who doesn’t love embracing the outdoor lifestyle during Summer months? Having a luxury outdoor space is becoming more and more popular for homeowners. At Sensory Six, we would love to work with you to build and design your dream outdoor space! We understand everyone has a need for a space of their own that has an emphasis on functionality, aesthetics and overall wellness.

Interested in checking off another item on your Summer bucket list? Give us a call at (518) 306-1099 to set up a time to meet. We would love to help you create a space that is unique to your wants and needs!








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