Modern Hotel Design & Decor Trends to Bring Home
Jul 26, 2017 Featured, Interior Design

Modern Hotel Design & Decor Trends to Bring Home

There is nothing more relaxing than spending time at a luxurious hotel. There is something about being able to relax in a beautifully designed space. We have seen trends that have started in the luxury boutique hotel industry that are now becoming popular in the residential design world. People want to feel the same relaxing feeling they do at a luxury hotel at their own home. We have a few trends that we are loving from the hotel industry that you can bring into your own home.

Creating a Sacred Space: Recently in the design world, there has been an emphasis on creating a healthy relationship between you and your space. We have seen the rise of green and sustainable designs as more and more people are focusing on wellness and are wanting a connection to nature. There are easy ways to create a sacred space that touches on the mind, body, and soul. A way to achieve this is by using natural crystal quartz that is attuned to your own energetic needs. Another way to bring nature into your home to create a sacred space is to incorporate plants. Plants bring a living and breathing element to your space and can function as both art and nature.

More is More: There are some that say less is more, but we think there is never enough when it comes to hotel design! A trend that we’ve been seeing in the hotel industry is creating spaces that are highly layered and have the look of a residential project instead of a hotel. There are no restrictions when it comes to laying prints and patterns as we see electric mixes of furniture, fabrics, and accessories taking the center stage. The best way to achieve this in your own home is to have a bold print or color as the recurring theme in a room and then layer accent prints and colors on top.

Togetherness and Community: Shared spaces are much more common than they used to be and people like the community atmosphere to enjoy each others company and meet new people. We have seen the trend rise from the popularity of Airbnb rentals and hotels that offer bunk bed accommodations. In metropolitan areas that have higher rents there are more people that are leaning towards micro-living and space-sharing, not only is it economically effective but it leaves a smaller footprint as well. In your own home, it is easy to create a sense of community by having your kitchen open up into a gathering area. Kitchens and living rooms are now being combined into one space for people to enjoy each others company.

Faux Is In: No animals were hurt in the making of this trend. The use of fur accessories have been popular within the hotel industry and we’re now seeing it show up in residential design. Thankfully we have been seeing many luxurious options on the market for faux fur and shag fabrics. When used on pillows, cushions and throws it brings a layered look to your space and gives your design texture. To bring this hotel-inspired trend to your own home, place a few small faux-fur pillows or one large on your sofa to create a textural element to your space. We also love the use of a shaggy luxurious throw; place one on the foot of your bed or the back of your sofa so you can sit back and relax in comfort.

Eye Catching Sculptural Furniture: We have seen the trendsetting destination, Sketch London, show up in our Instagram feeds with their eye catching upholstered tulip chair. The rise of rounded furniture and accessories is taking over the market and we’re excited to see the refreshing, rounded approach to the decor in residential design as well. People have had enough with severe, harsh lines and are embracing the curved, sculptural collections. Bring this look to your home by investing in rounded armchairs, sofas, and circular accessories.

Who wouldn’t want their home to have elements of a luxurious hotel? Here at Sensory Six, we incorporate these design trends into your home to create a space that has a refreshing modern look, feel and aesthetic. Which trend are you most excited to bring into your home? Let us transform your space into a haven. Call us today at 518.306.1099 for a conversation to find out how to create your own personal sanctuary.




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