Multifamily Design Trends
Jul 24, 2019 Featured, Commercial

Multifamily Design Trends

There have been numerous shifts in design trends, especially when it comes to multifamily communities. Today, we live in a world where technology and convenience take priority and are at the forefront of the consumer’s mind. Multifamily residences have changed in both character and design. Renters are now demanding high quality, advanced technology, luxury and convenience in their living space. Multifamily design elements are becoming more personal and useful to meet the needs to the consumer. Millennials, for example, are attracted by apartment units that feature flexible floor plans and shared spaces that offer Wi-Fi throughout the building, plenty of indoor and outdoor electrical and USB outlets and other conveniences like keyless entry.

Convenience & Personalization

The new generation of homeowners/renters are less focused on conspicuous consumption, and more focused on design for convenience. Amenities like valet trash, package lockers, pet amenities, and guest suites for overnight guests are just a few examples of what renters are looking for. Millennials, especially, are looking for luxury in the form of experiences, services, and conveniences such as security guards, concierge services, in-suite washer/dryers, and dishwashers.

Multifamily units that allow for flexibility, adaptability, and personalization is something very important to residents. Lobby and common areas must follow this as well, offering telecommuters a quiet place to work during the day, but can be easily transformed into a lounge area for happy hour. Furniture choices have to reflect this, with lightweight chairs and tables that are easy to move around.


Imagine walking through your door to an already programmed room: the right temperature, lighting and playlist. This kind of luxury is what attracts and retains residents. This can be accomplished by incorporating smart thermostats, integrating speaker systems, and other gadgets that learn the renters’ preferences and schedule. One specialty area of Sensory Six is applying the best technology to provide you with living spaces that are highly functional.


Our design-builds focus on enabling people to enjoy lives filled with energy. The type of wood you use in the flooring, the glue behind the wall covering in the common areas, the fibers in the carpet, and materials in the fitness center, all are extremely important elements in providing a better living space. At Sensory Six, we take a holistic view, creating spaces that bring all your senses into harmony. We accomplish this through organic furnishings and materials; use of natural light and bringing nature into the living spaces.


Young professionals aren’t just looking for a place to sleep and eat; they want their home to be part of a community. Common areas, fitness centers, roof top lounges, pet washing stations, etc. are important additions to add to multifamily residences. Renters want to connect with others. They look at their building as though it’s a neighborhood. One trend that is standing out in multifamily living is designing multiple functional spaces within one large area, like mentioned previously with the lobby area. Incorporating a variety of seating and gathering spaces that are designed so one can work privately, but also feel a sense of community and connection with their neighbors using the same space.

Home Office

Co-living spaces cater to professionals who not only want a roof over their heads but also a place to network and work. It is now especially important to create spaces that enhance the work experience and improve the process. There needs to be plenty of charging stations built in the room, as well as throughout the entire building for those that work from home but don’t want to be isolated in their own apartment.

With these current multifamily design trends becoming more prevalent in apartment communities, consumers who prefer to rent over owning have numerous options, conveniences and luxuries providing them the lifestyle they desire. Moreover, these same people are willing to pay a premium for convenience, community, and flexibility within their living space. At Sensory Six, we create living experiences that reflect the residents’ value, preferences, and lifestyle choices. Have a project in mind? Need a design refresh? Contact us at to learn how we can incorporate what’s new into your space.






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