Patio season is upon us. Is your restaurant ready?
Apr 27, 2019 Featured, Commercial

Patio season is upon us. Is your restaurant ready?

There is nothing better than enjoying a beautiful Summer day with friends and family, sipping on your go-to cocktail and taking in the sunshine on your favorite restaurant’s patio. Creating an all-encompassing design for your restaurant’s outdoor space is essential for a successful Summer season. When we develop a design, we do so with the goal of creating a total sensory experience. The outdoor dining area should not detract from the actual restaurant, but enhance it and give your customers more options when choosing to dine at your establishment. 


Lighting can make or break your restaurant’s outdoor space. Ample and unique light sources create ambiance, and they even contribute to safety as your employees and guests interact out in the open. Many awnings and umbrellas now come with built in lighting systems or you add your own string of battery operated lights. Lanterns, candles, and string lights above the entire outdoor area makes for a magical evening.


Large displays of greenery have come and gone in restaurant decor, and now plants are back in again with a fresh twist. There are certain types of plants that continuously clean the surrounding area and provide fresh oxygenated air. Now, we are seeing plants used as dividers, pops of color, and gorgeous wall decor, all of which are natural beauties that highlight the outdoors element. 

Cantina - Saratoga Springs, NY | Druthers Brewing Company - Schenectady, NY

How about letting that beautiful sunset into your bar, or that glorious morning light into the front room of your restaurant at brunch? Glass walls and large windows look very attractive and inviting to guests. They also offer the function of bringing in more natural light, which is very important for both modern and sustainable designs. 


Outdoor dining is typically more causal, however, those spaces deserve the same careful attention to design and furnishings as interior spaces. Look for patio furniture that will be unique to your space — don’t be afraid of color or unconventional tables, chairs, booths, and stools. Customers love a new experience. At Sensory Six, we design and execute restaurant spaces that give your business a competitive edge through creating dining experiences that go further than great food and service, giving your customers a feeling of escape, comfort and indulgence.

The main menu at your favorite Capital Region restaurant is not necessarily what you eat, it’s where you hang out, and there’s nothing like a well-designed patio space for luring in guests. Does your establishment have an “it” spot outdoors to dine, drink and socialize? At Sensory Six, our goal is to increase your customer’s and employee’s satisfaction through distinctive spaces within your restaurant’s four walls and outside in the fresh air. We are here to help make your location work harder and your spot the place to be all year long. Call us at 518-306-1099 today for a conversation about your commercial space.






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