Project Management: Tackling Projects Big & Small
Aug 31, 2017 Featured, Design Build

Project Management: Tackling Projects Big & Small

While we love being in a creative industry, we realize that there needs to be a process for our design projects to come to life. Here at Sensory Six, we pride ourselves on our ability to not only envision great ideas and solutions for our clients, but the ability to manage them from start to completion. Being able to navigate the business side of the design industry helps interior designers, like us, stand out from fellow competitors. There are a few skills that help designers become great project managers. Below are some of the skills we take pride in as designers that take our projects to the next level. 

Ability to Adapt to Change

As technology has advanced over the years, so has the design process. The process has evolved from sketching floor plans with pen and paper to fully designing a three-dimensional models of floor plans or buildings on a computer or tablet. Advancements in technology means that there is more integration between the client, designer and their projects. Clients are expecting more from their designer and designers have more tasks at hand that may not have pertained to their job description in the past. The ability to adapt to these changes has grown the job of interior designer to encompass more skills than in the past. 

Be Prepared for the Job

Colleges, like Fashion Institute of Technology, require interior design students to take “professional practices” courses that teach students comprehensive project management skills. In the introductory classes, students learn the aspects of running a business. As they work their way up through the course levels they learn how to work as team on a commercial scale. This is extremely helpful for interior designers since no day on the job is the same. Being proficient on topics such as scheduling and risk management and having the ability to work well with others helps our team stand out from our peers. 

Great Expectations

Project managers have a lot of responsibility on their plate and need to make sure a project gets completed in a timely manner. The strongest interior designers and project managers are the ones that have great leadership skills and have the ability to see the big picture, while taking into consideration all the different viewpoints through the project. It is their job to make sure everything is on time, on budget and that the clients are happy. Another skill that is helpful for project managers to have is the ability to offer solutions for problems that arise, like additional costs or time extensions, and manage client expectations. 

Crossing “T”s and Dotting “I”s

To excel at project management one must have an organized and methodical approach to their work. While it is great to work in a creative industry, there are a few simple practices that can help you achieve an efficient process. By holding team meetings, it helps members of your team check in with each other and helps to ensure that all areas of the project are being covered. It is also important to create a chain of command, documenting the decisions made at the meeting and then disseminating them to the entire team so there are no questions about any part of the project. There are project management software programs that help designers communicate effectively with their team to make sure the project is on time and without delays or miscommunication.

There’s No “I” in Team

We believe strongly that with the beautiful historic properties available in our region, renovation is wonderful for those who cherish the beauty of craftsmanship and history. We also love starting completely fresh with the design of new residential properties. Locally, we team with architects, builders and developers to create totally new spaces that are places of inspiration. Interior designing is just part of what goes into making sure a client’s home or place of business is created as planned. Not only is project management important for helping personal teams run smoothly, but it aids in collaboration with teams across the project. Decisions and tasks are rarely isolated and applying a methodical process not only helps the decision making process but the success of our overall project.

Here are Sensory Six, we tackle projects both small and large. We turnkey the whole design and build, or work only on a specific aspect of a project. From outdoor space design and kitchen design to full scale building design, we’re here to tackle every project. Our goal is to make your project as seamless as possible and provide you with a team that can execute your entire vision. Do you have a project that you’d like to bring us in on? Give us a call at 518-306-1099 to set up a consultation to go over your next project!




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