Restaurants: Time to Enhance your Outdoor Dining Space
May 25, 2018 Featured, Hospitality Businesses

Restaurants: Time to Enhance your Outdoor Dining Space

The sun is finally shining in the Capital Region and everyone is requesting a table outdoors! Well-designed and carefully maintained al fresco dining spaces benefit restaurateurs and guests, alike. The best thing about outdoor spaces? You can offer guests a differentiated dining experience, often in a unique and attractive setting that changes with the time of day and season. At Sensory Six, we thrive on designing and creating spaces that give your restaurant a competitive edge. A space that serves more than just great food and service, but a feeling of escape, comfort and indulgence.

Druthers Brewing Company, Saratoga Springs, NY

 Visibility and Placement

An important consideration when designing an outdoor dining space is proper placement. Patios should be visible to pedestrians, near the host stand, and as close as possible to the kitchen and bar. It’s best to place outdoor seating towards the front of the restaurant so guests don’t have to tramp through the entire restaurant to get to their table. Patio dining in front of the restaurant delivers a warm welcoming message and shows that the restaurant is a fun and social place to indulge! When designing an outdoor patio for a restaurant, we think of the best design for the best possible delivery system, traffic flow, ingress and egress. 

Druthers Brewing Company, Schenectady, NY

Fashion Sense

Outdoor dining is generally more causal, however, outside dining spaces deserve the same careful attention to design and furnishings as interior spaces. Most importantly, a restaurant’s interior design should be consistent, both inside and out, by complementing the décor and supporting the brand’s image. When we develop a design, we do so with the goal of creating a total sensory experience. The outdoor dining area should not detract from the actual restaurant, but enhance it and give customers more options when choosing to dine at your establishment. 

Druthers Brewing Company, Schenectady, NY

Table Talk

Whether your restaurant can seat 10 people or 100 people, furnishing outdoor spaces should be done with both looks and durability in mind. Chairs, tables, and other furniture need to withstand the rigors of service in the open air. If you’re going to sit out on the patio, chances are you’re going to sit and enjoy yourself for a while. The seating on a restaurant’s patio must be comfortable, almost more than indoor seating. Sensory Six understands that restaurants should incorporate the highest level of function, aesthetics and wellness into design, therefore we look for comfortable chairs so that guests can really enjoy their meal. The use of booths creates intimate spaces that guests feel extra special in, like they're sitting in their own private room. If you don’t have room to implement multiple individual booths, having a banquette that is built-in along the perimeter of the dining area maximizes seating and creates a private, cozy atmosphere. 

Ready to expand your restaurant dining space outdoors? Already have an outdoor area but it needs revamping or a total overhaul? Moving locations and want the outdoor dining space to really shine? The Sensory Six team would love to sit down and discuss your restaurant’s individual wants and needs to increase your customer and employee satisfaction, both within your restaurant’s four walls and outside in the open air. We are here to help make your location work harder and your restaurant the place to be all Summer long!

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