Serene Spaces
Jan 25, 2017 Featured, Interior Design

Serene Spaces

Serene Spaces

In a hectic world where everyone and everything is so fast paced, the Sensory Six team strives to bring a sense of serenity into the homes and offices to our clientele. Although design plays a major part of creating a calming space that promotes wellness and inspiration, the space must have functionality.

Below are some tips to create a luxurious and harmonious environment that draws in all of the senses and creates a totally calming feel. 


Choosing the Right Color

What colors are you drawn to? Do warm, cozy hues pull you in or do bold blues strike your attention? The colors that catch our eye often reflect back to a fond memory of a glowing sunset or crashing waves at the edge of the ocean. When we incorporate a color into a space that reminds us of a specific joy we had in life, it creates an energy that spreads through our body and mind. By using these memories as a basis for color inspiration, a harmonious home is created and takes us back in time to a place where we felt at peace. 


Believe in the Spiritual Forces 

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, is harmonizing people and their surrounding environments. Those who believe in this spiritual force see their homes as a direct extension of themselves. If you have a messy house, your life will be messy. If your house is Feng Shui and free of clutter, your life will reflect that. Take time to clear out unnecessary things taking up space and donate to a worthy cause. To promote simplicity, keep what you need and nothing more.


Engage the Senses 

The Sensory Six name comes from the strong belief that living spaces should be in harmony with all our senses and create a total sensory experience. Our senses anchor us in the present and help us enjoy our surroundings. Being aware of all five senses leads to fully inhabited designs. Sight occupies more than 70% of your brain and your sight always wants more so it's important to keep your eyes stimulated. Entice your sense of touch with a soft throw blanket or a rustic wood table. Place candles or diffusers of scents you love throughout the space to satisfy your sense of smell.


Frame your Memories

Photographs are important to us, as they are reminders of people and experiences we hold near to our hearts. While these memories are enjoyable, the scattered look of picture frames throughout your house are not. Frame your memories in similar style frames to keep a unified look and consolidate them to a certain area of your home. Gallery walls are a very popular way to display photos. Put your photos in similar frames and arrange them in a layout pleasing to the eye. 


Keep your Kitchen Centered 

The kitchen is the hub of the home. It's the room where everyone gathers for great food and great conversation. It is important to keep your counters clean and clear of clutter to create a serene space not only for cooking, but for enjoying time with family and friends. It's also important to have a well organized storage system for pots and pans as well as food and spices so it's easy to find ingredients and prepare meals. Try using glass containers to store food items so items within are easily visible to make meal prep and entertaining easy.


Make a Mind/Body Connection 

The bathroom is the room in the house where you come face-to-face with the naked truth. It is important to keep the bathroom simple and sleek so you can focus on getting ready in the morning for the day or relaxing at night after work. Take the time to clean out your clutter in the bathroom so your routine can be streamlined and simplified. 


Simplify the Bedroom

We come back to the concept of Feng Shui in the bedroom. It is important to place your bed in the proper Feng Shui position and to have a mattress that works for your sleeping style. After all, we spend a quarter of our day in bed! There are guided online tutorials that go over the best Feng Shui position for your bed depending on the set up of your room and house. If you have a television in your room, keep it in a cabinet with closed doors so it's not the last thing you see at night and not the first thing you see in the morning. 


Transform your Entryway 

Take your entryway to the next level. When you leave the house in the morning use it as a place to get organized before you head out for the day. When you return in the evening, use it as a welcoming area in your own home. It's important to have a basket on a small console table so you can keep keys and mail in a convenient place. Hang a pretty mirror and put fresh flowers in a vase to brighten the space and make it welcoming. Placing a candle or diffuser in the entryway will entice your senses as soon as you enter your home.


Here at Sensory Six, we specialize in creating serene living spaces that you can enjoy and relax with your family and friends in. We believe that a blissful life starts at home and we look forward to helping you achieve serenity in your living space. To contact us:

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