Technology is Changing Hospitality Design
Jul 15, 2019 Featured, Hospitality Businesses

Technology is Changing Hospitality Design

Clean and refreshing designs are trending this year as hotels begin to find different ways to integrate innovative technology into their buildings. We like to think that technology and the hospitality industry go hand-in-hand. Why? Because today’s technology has opened new doors to ensure hotel guests are as comfortable and in control as possible. Moreover, technology has allowed interior designers to expand on the current design trends to make them so much more than what they already are. At Sensory Six, we are constantly pushing the limits of the "traditional” design to create a space that gives your business a competitive edge.  

We’ve seen today’s technology make it’s way into residential design, but now hotel guests are looking for that same technology during their hotel stay. They value and look for that home away home experience, whether it be with hi-def TVs in their conference rooms, multi-plug and USB ports built into furniture, or LED lighting elements, whatever may provide that personalized experience for the guest. Here at Sensory Six, we have a strong belief that living spaces should be in harmony with all our senses and create a total sensory experience.

Is your current hospitality design up to date? Is it built with the latest technologies? One specialty area of Sensory Six is applying the best technology to provide clients with living spaces that are both highly functional and contribute to health and wellness. Check out the following four areas that we find most impact hospitality design:


1.) Connectivity 

Tech-savvy guests enjoy being able to use their smartphones and smart devices to enter rooms, control lighting, temperature, blinds and entertainment. Also, guests want multiple and conveniently located outlets and ports throughout the room, on-demand video, streaming services and seamlessly integrated cross-compatible solutions.

2.) Flexibility

Wireless technology is altering the traditional front desk you’re used to seeing right when you walk into the building by now allowing guests to make reservations and check in and out of the hotel all from their fingertips. This tech-driven change allows for some creativity in a now freed up lobby area, like incorporating a multi-use living area that attracts guests and enhances their experience.

3.) Self-Promotion

Not only do hotels need to consider their personal social media profiles, but also how the hotel design photographs in guests’ posts. “Selfie spaces” are popping up across the world, calling for designers to create ideal and unique selfie spaces for guests. This further engages and enhances the guest experience while also promoting the hotel itself —  a win, win. Is your hotel design “Instagram worthy”?

4.) Business & Pleasure

Face-to-face business meetings are quickly being replaced by video conference calls and digital presentations. You’ll no longer see the traditional conference rooms and business centers in hotels. Now, it’s our job to find creative yet practical ways to incorporate additional outlets and ports, adjustable lighting, adequate furniture and fixtures, and interactive digital walls to facilitate virtual meetings for business travelers. Smart walls not only support business meetings but they can provide access to news and weather reports and aid tourism with maps to local shops, museums, restaurants and local sights. 

Increasing customer expectations and the demand for personalized experiences are flooding the hospitality industry. It is our job as designers to look beyond the attractive features and amenities to focus on the overall guest experience. We strongly believe that the spaces we create should be in harmony with all one’s senses, thus creating a total sensory experience for the guests. As interior designers, we are in a fascinating time as technology expands our accessibility to new design approaches, materials, and gadgets, all of which allow us to create unique and customized designs for each and every client. Want to know how to incorporate the latest technologies in your hotel design? Contact us at to set up a meeting to learn more.






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