The Drink of Romance Plus Design
Feb 13, 2019 Featured, Retreat Rooms

The Drink of Romance Plus Design

Wine is romantic, intoxicating, and built on passion. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, let’s talk love! Why not design the perfect wine cellar for you and your other half to enjoy for years to come? Wine has always been linked to love or classified as a drink that intensifies romance. Wine and design have many things in common like precision, perfection and a great deal of care. At Sensory Six, our wine cellar designs incorporate a sense of color, texture, lighting and art that will delight all your senses. Homeowners today are more eager than ever to show off their wine collection within their modern homes. From classic to contemporary, dry to fruity, there are many ways to showcase your wine collection.

At Sensory Six, we work with you to translate your vision into reality through a thorough assessment process that focuses on your needs and tastes. We help transform your modern home to create something you’re proud of that showcases your expertise. With the use of floor-to-ceiling glass walls, horizontal wooden racks, and a simple elegant design, we can build a stylish storage unit or a completely renovated basement.


Location is everything when it comes to storing wine. It is important to choose a spot that has no direct sunlight. Basements and little nooks are perfect because they can maintain constant temperature and humidity. With glass vases and chandeliers, we can make your basement not feel so dark and gloomy. Or, if you are looking to go the more traditional route, we can build large archways with iron doors and wooden flooring that will give your basement wine cellar a traditional look. A beautifully designed spiral staircase that leads you to your wine cellar is another great way another great way to incorporate elegance and luxury into your home.


Our goal is to create a wine cellar that showcases your collection AND is perfect for you in both form and function. Illuminate your wine collection with the help from modern-day technology. Now, you can incorporate lighting systems that turn off as you leave and only switch on when someone is inside.

You don’t need a gigantic space to show off your wine collection. If you’re an owner of a wine collection of about 250-300 bottles, then modern shelf designs and racking systems can accommodate your entire collection in a relatively small space. Adding a posh wine storage is an easy way to add a sophisticated look to your interior. Wine cellars/storage units that have an organized racking system brings the culture, refinement and taste to life.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day (and every day after that) the right way… at home with a glass of vino. We believe your space should be in harmony with all your senses and create a total sensory experience. If you’re interested in creating a storage area that doubles as a wine display or if you’re searching for a complete basement renovation, contact us at to learn how we can create a space that is both elegant and luxurious, and of course, tasteful. 






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