Trends in Modern Apartment Living
Apr 21, 2017 Featured, Commercial

Trends in Modern Apartment Living

In today's world, it's just not younger people living in apartments. Everyone is finding the ease of apartment living appealing for many different reasons. Younger couples find the convenience they are looking for in apartments while downsizing Baby Boomers find relief in not having a yard to take care of. There is also something to be said for the financial freedom and time commitment of not having a house to take care of. Here at Sensory Six, we love to work on apartment projects since they allow us create beautiful spaces inside and out for our apartment living clients. Read below for a few trends we love in modern apartment living!

In apartments, space and storage are the most important things people look for. People who live in apartments come to us to figure out the most effective way to store their everyday necessities in their apartments. There are many modern storage solutions we love to use to create a space that is practical and aesthetically pleasing. By using slender, vertical shelves to maximize storage and allow your space to remain open by taking advantage of the vertical space and you gain the storage you need. We recommend placing them on either side of a window or TV stand! Another storage solution we love is the use of floating shelves and cabinets that can be used in every room of your apartment. In the bedroom, we've seen the trend be used to create a "floating nightstand". By hanging your nightstand it's a great way to use the storage not only on top and inside the cabinet but below it, as well. You can store any thing from books to shoes below your nightstand while keeping your space clutter free. When it comes to apartment living we love when storage and seating can be combined into one! Look for sleek benches or ottomans that can do double duty, by providing storage and organization inside while giving you the clever of illusion of a sleek seating area. These are just a few ways that we can create the maximum storage opportunities for your apartment.

Another reason why we love apartments are all the amenities that are provided. A trend we have seen apartment living is apartments going from a place that you start and end your day to actual communities that people spend their week and weekends at. Rather than venturing out into town to find the things you need or want to do, apartment communities are bringing amenities to their residents. In apartment living there has been a rise of rooftop and communal spaces that people can use to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax with friends and family. Residents can lounge and read a book or have a cookout with friends in the communal spaces, like at this luxury apartment tower in Manhattan. Rooftop spaces are more popular than ever and are now being viewed as a vertical yard in apartment communities. Another amenity we have seen trending in apartment buildings are gyms and fitness rooms. Instead of going out to a gym people are enjoying working out in their own building. We have also seen a growing trend of pop-up restaurants to in-house movie theaters to grocery stores being located in apartment communities. By providing residents with all these amenities, apartment buildings are becoming the central hub for the residents by providing them with luxury living spaces to amenities that make it convenient to live.

Have you heard of Internet of Things, also known as IoT? IoT is the "internetworking" of devices, vehicles, building and other items that are embedded with electronics, sensors, software etc. that allow objects to collect and exchange data. If you use Amazon's Alexa or the new "home" features on Apple's IOS update you are using IoT. A growing trend in apartment communities is the use of IoT and all the technology there is on the market to make "Smart Buildings". Smart buildings make life easier and simpler for residents and with IoT everything is inter-connected in your apartment and is able to be controlled by your smartphone. You can control lights, temperature, sound systems, appliances and even the front door. Anything that makes our lives easier is a trend we can get behind!

At Sensory Six, we would love to work with you to design the dream apartment. Weather you are moving into a new apartment or want to give your current apartment a refresh, we hope these trends inspire you embrace new apartment living trends. Do you have a few ideas in mind on how you can refresh your apartment but need help achieving the overall look? Call us at 518-306-1099 to set up a time so we can meet to go over your dream apartment ideas!




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