Winning Over a Client with Renderings
Oct 10, 2018 Featured, Design Build

Winning Over a Client with Renderings

The key to selling design for a commercial or residential interior project is conveying the idea to the audience. So, how do we provide factual information on a project that doesn’t exist yet? And, most importantly, is it possible to convey the idea when the clientele does not understand drawings and sketches? With the help of architectural renderings, it certainly is possible. These are photo-real images of the projects yet to be built – offices, restaurants, hotels, homes, etc. which allow designers and architects to make their presentations impactful, factual and easy to understand. Interior design renderings have the power to make the work of designers much more productive and satisfying.

As interior designers and architects face increasingly stiff competition, implementing a value-added component such as 3D interior renderings, can help build a stunning portfolio and take conceptual presentations to a new level. Successful client presentations can be enhanced with both creative and technical differentiation strategies. This helps us achieve a competitive edge, improved relationships with clients, and a predictable result.

How exactly do we use interior design renderings to help achieve these benefits? Here’s how:

Showcase the Advantages of the Layout

3D Renders enables us to present all the chosen layout in the best light. This is especially valid for renovation cases: a well-planned layout can as much as triple the profit of the restaurant or home. The business and home owners will be interested to see whether the improvement really has that potential and remember it.

Demonstrate how the Brand Identity is Reflected through Interior Design Rendering Services

A commercial interior design is an important part of a brand image. It immerses the guests and clients into its identity, and sort of unite the staff in the single spirit. It shows the company values – aesthetic vision, attitude to hierarchy, ideal work environment.

Show how the Colors, Materials, and Décor will look in the Project

Looking at catalogs, references, and reading the description is one thing, seeing it all work is a quite different experience. In the rendering above, you can see the exotic experience and escape of the reality is translated through bold and expensive materials, colors and prints. 

Demonstrate how Interior Design Improves Profitability with Interior Architectural Visualization

What is the most commercially profitable place at a restaurant? That’s right – a bar. A stylish, practical bar that visitors can see from anywhere and can easily access is an asset. Showcase this asset in full glory – and the project will make it to the short-list.

Showcase how Design Meets the Needs of Clients and the Staff

This should be the base of any commercial or residential design interior presentation. Interior design renderings help to show how we managed to fulfill all these needs in perfect harmony and with style with minimum words. How the entrance to the restaurant kitchen cannot be seen from anywhere in the rooms, yet easy to access for the staff, for instance, and the lounge zone does not interfere with the main area. Instead of words and doubts, we now can use the “photos from the future.”

Convey the Atmosphere

The main reason why people go to restaurants, hotels and nightclubs is the atmosphere. This is the commodity they pay for – to relax, find some inspiration, feel adventurous. How can we transmit it through words and a set of instructions? We can, but to a certain extent. What we can use is photorealistic interior design renderings that capture exactly that.

Architectural renderings offer even more opportunities. For instance, 3D Artists can add figures of happy-looking people into the picture. Or show the interior in the evening lighting, as chic restaurants are most visited in the evening light. 3D design renderings make communication with the client more productive, colorful and effective. They help us win contracts, establish good relations with the client and build customer loyalty. For more information about interior design renderings, shoot us an email at








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