Workplace Design Trends
Aug 19, 2019 Featured, Commercial

Workplace Design Trends

What’s next for workplace design in 2019? With each passing year, new technologies are implemented and new trends are adopted in office spaces around the world. This constantly changing landscape leads to new and exciting office design opportunities and workplace experimentation. At Sensory Six, we understand that workspaces should incorporate the highest level of function, aesthetics and wellness that will give your business that competitive edge you hope for.


The demand for transparency and honesty from organizations among employees is high. The more companies compete for the same talent, the more employees look for companies that match their own values and interests. This transparency employees are searching for is being reflected in the workplace’s physical design. When a workplace is designed with authenticity and genuine, employees are more likely to be engaged with their work and the organization and its workplace will thrive. Though, all companies are different, one amenity may work better for one company than another. At Sensory Six, we work with you to translate your organization’s vision into reality through a thorough assessment process that focuses on your organization’s needs and tastes. Our goal is to create a workspace that is perfect for you and your employees in both form and function.

Back to the Basics

Trends come and go, even those considered to be the “latest and greatest.” With that, we are brought back to the basics to focus on what we actually need — air, water, food, shelter, sleep, and security. When looking over the latest trends to incorporate into your workplace design, it’s helpful to use our basic human needs as a guide for alignment. Designing and building a workplace that has our basic needs in mind will prove the trends you incorporate will last the coming years rather than fade away like the rest. 


Wellness in the workplace is no longer optional. It has become one of the biggest trends in workplace design, and it’s still going strong in 2019. The goal with biophilic design is to make indoor spaces feel more natural by including natural elements in the design and creating benefits such as improved productivity, reduced stress, and improved creative thinking. Wellness isn’t just about the green wall or sit-stand desk, it is so much more. Incorporating wellness into the workplace is focusing on ways to truly support one’s mental and physical wellbeing. For example, circadian lighting, meditation rooms, using materials and patterns that mimic nature, or paying more attention to the sensory elements within a space. At Sensory Six, we take a holistic view, creating spaces that bring all your senses into harmony. We accomplish this through organic furnishings and materials; use of natural light and bringing nature into the business.


Companies grow and change so quickly that it’s natural to select furniture and office layouts that can keep up. Creating a workplace that is truly flexible, that starts at the construction phase, through the design process and down to the furniture selection, makes it easy to create a variety of spaces like private enclaves, collaborative spaces, and semi-private quiet areas which support a range of working styles.

At Sensory Six, we design and build workplaces that emphasizes health, wellness and relaxation to increase employee productivity and satisfaction, that ultimately gives your business a competitive edge. Are you interested in revamping your workplace? We would love to work with you to create a well living space that you not only love to spend time in, but helps you relax and be productive. Call us today at 518-306-1099 to set up a time to discuss how we can bring the latest workplace design trends into your office!







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