We call our design style
“21st Century Zen™.”

“Simplicity is the
ultimate sophistication.”

— Leonardo DaVinci

Lighting is art
in harmony with function.

Living spaces should
tantalize all your senses.

Luxury means
total serenity.

— Herve Van der Straeten

Our Services

Sensory Six is a residential and commercial design firm that creates high-end spaces.  Our discriminating clients are people who appreciate luxury and harmony. They expect their spaces at work and at home to be a haven and an inspiration.   

Our name comes from the strong belief that living spaces should be in harmony with all our senses and create a total sensory experience.  Sensory Six projects range from handling a specific component to completing a total design from start to finish. 

Featured Lighting

We find and sell unique, specially crafted, artistic lighting that simply does not exist anywhere else in the Capital Region.  We incorporate signature lighting in all our designs because we believe that lighting should bring both function and art to a space.  Here are some featured lighting designers and manufacturers that we work with:

Our Style

Sensory Six brings elegant, luxurious and simple style into your living spaces at home and at work. We call our design philosphy  “21st Century Zen™” – modern, calming, organic, sophisticated and luxurious.  

Our Team

Sandra Fox

Sandra Fox, Founder & President

Sensory Six customizes teams to meet the needs of each unique project.  Our founder and president, Sandra Fox, is directly involved with all projects and personally selects the best talent from an extensive network of architects, artists, engineers, contractors, suppliers and designers.

Sandra brings an unusual blend of creative, technology and project management talents to creating spaces.  As a former top executive with a global engineering firm, her experience with technology, engineering, architecture and construction has given her the knowledge to create highly functional spaces that promote health and wellness for people and the planet. 

She also has a passion for design, style and luxury as well as a love of art, color, music, texture and nature.  These artistic talents, along with her ability to turn a vision into reality, make the Sensory Six experience uplifting for both clients and team members.


Our Perspectives

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Our Contact Information

If you have a project in mind, please contact us. We would love to help you fulfill your vision and share our own. 


P. 518-306-1099


8 Butler Place
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

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